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  • About Switching Concepts

    Welcome to Switching Concepts

    Our 24/7/365 network operations team is monitoring all network elements for uptime, availability, and operability on the hardware and application layers. Consistent, hand-on monitoring and responsive customer care are major reasons why customers stay with us.

    Our mission is to provide communication enterprises with platform solutions and unprecedented business performance reporting. We strive to fully integrate the technology resources in use along with the business aspect so there are never any loose ends.

    The majority of our customers have been using our core product for several years now and process several billion minutes annually. Advanced real time profitability reporting and dispute free rating of call detail records are just a few of the features that seperate us from others.

    • 24 / 7 NOC support available
    • Customer pricing & vendor management tools built in
    • Custom designed for wholesale telecommunication providers
    • Low capital
    • Lower future costs
    • Minimal technical staff required to operate and maintain the platform
    • Top-notch engineering & product support
  • Data Center Facility Specifications

    Switching / Data Center Facility Specifications
    Our switching locations employ the latest and most high tech automated security protocols in addition to 24/7/365 monitoring. All of our systems are fully redundant to ensure 99.99% uptime for your business.

    • 27/7/365 security monitoring
    • AC and DC power are backed-up by UPS, batteries and a generator
    • Air conditioning and fire suppression systems built to industry standards.
    • 99.99% uptime
    • AC 120V/240V Power
    • DC - 48 Volts with 6 hour battery backup
    • Six 2000 KW Generators
    • 20,000 gallons of diesel fuel = 72 hours of backup power at full load
    • Redundant 225 ton Liebert A/C units
    • VESDA Pre-action fire suppression/smoke detectors
    • Hardware/software managed 24/7
    • Cisco and Foundry powered bandwidth network
    • Single and multi-mode fiber optic cable
    • Connectivity includes: AT&T, Qwest, Level 3, TimeWarner, Global Crossing, SBC, Verizon, Sprint, XO Comm, USNL, SingTel, British Telecom, MFN, InterNAP, Looking Glass, Mzima and many more
  • Customer Testimonials

    "Right away, Switching Concepts has treated our company with complete professionalism and courtesy. They have been a great team to work with and are very dedicated to their customers - this is something you will see immediately. We owe them a lot of thanks for helping to increase our efficiency and to grow our profit margins."
    M. T. - Salt Lake City, Utah

    "We cannot say enough great things about Switching Concepts. Most importantly, they have superior customer service and one of the most competitive cost structures we have ever come across.  Their products and services have exceed our expectations and the quality of the support they provide makes them an ideal partner to work and grow with!"
    A. H. - Seattle, Washington

    "Switching Concepts has been an excellent partner in helping our company to attain a phenomenal record of growth and success in our industry.  We would not be where we are today with the exceptional commitment of time and resources they have to support and understand our business.  It has been a breeze working with them and we are a better company for it."
    L. B. R. - Los Angeles, California

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